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hye fellas ;) emm. seem like my mood bercampur aduk today . tonight i feel like i want to cry until my tears finished :'( maybe i got a lot of laugh this morning till afternoon with my sisters and my mom. maybe :/ 
heyy , why am i feel that i missing someone -,- who ? its a secret but seriously i dont know why i miss ______ . hohoho . suddenly i feel like want to text you , but i know you will give a lot of excuse -,- bagus text my boyfie :p hmm .. just now i stalk your fb , your blogs and your youtube. ehh2 , i smile when i see your dance :) i enjoy it. i hope you will be a profesional dancer one day. heyy , why you tak update blogs kamu haa ? yerr ~ jealous saya baca old entry kamu dengan ex kamu :p haha
emm, i know oneday you will find a super hot, preety, cute, kind and the one that can make you smile whole day, that will understand you ;) amiin~ 
hey fellas , just now i heard cherrybelle song "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER" then automatic i remember all my friends. miss our memory, sweet memory i mean :') arrgghh ! just forget about it. why should i remember you while you happy with 'them' 
heyy hampir2 terlupa about my comment box. rupa-rupanya takdapat comment-,- nasib baik ada yang bagitahu. then i check my setting oh stupid i "lock" it.. btw now dah boleh comment dah .. :) thanks to kak maisarah. and thanks also for the advice. 
emm , i've got no idea now sebab sebok layan facebook , youtube , twitter and now tengah berblog ;) 
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emm , thats all from me tonight .. besok mau kerja-,- good night :) 


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