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♥  Assalamualaikum w.b.t ;)  

today i feel so happy dapat hangout tegether with my one bestie ever (yuyun) and also new friends (sue & teehah) we got a great day today ! having to much fun playing bowling, take a lot a pic together and got a lot of laugh today :D we are crazy ;p but i dont mind what people wanna say . yang penting wa all HAPPY ! ;D hope after this we can hangout together once again . insyaAllah. :) thanks guys making my day cheer :) 

even i'm happy today, i'll never forget him.. i miss him so bad! i cant stop crying thinking about him. kalau dapat rasa macam want to be with him always:'( 
sakit rasanya menahan kerinduan tok k. i wish i could pretend like i dont miss you but i can't !! I CAN'T !! my tears wont stop falling . it so hurt missing you D': i really miss you dear! i wanna meet you . sekejap pun jadilah asalkan dapat lepas rasa rindu.. asalkan dapat tengok you smile :') 
i hope one day i can meet you . seeing you smile , your laugh , your joke , dah cukup memadai ;') 


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