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friends ?

hey fellas ;) i just wanna share something about my "friend". yaa! my "best friends" maybe. before this she's known as my best friend ever ! but now ? our friendship is over. i swear this is the first time ever fighting with my truly bestfriend until its over. honestly i dont want this all happen but what can i do? nothing gonna change it. i have to accept the fact that i'm the one who want this friendship over. i was so mad ! i've cry everyday thinking of our friendship but she ? she's HAPPY with her new friends. YES! i'm jealous. why ? 2 years we've been friend. BESTFRIEND that always stay together in any situation. but now . everything was change. she forgot about me when she meet her new BESTFRIENDs .. she just need me when ever she's lonely. when ever she got a problem. thats why i'm MAD ! i'm still mad untiL today. but even i'm mad , i never thought that this gonna happen. after i read her inbox with my "deqchuw", i feel so upset and mad. then i've make a decision to settle our problem even its gonna hurt myself. i know my decision is stupid but i think it just the best way to her learn how to appreaciate someone that we called "FRIENDS" 
i just hoping that she will be happy without being my friends :') she's happy with her new friends . i know i'm not as famous as her new friends, i know i'm not as kind as her new friends, i know i;m not as preety as her new friends, i know i'm not as good as her new friends but atleast why dont she understand my feeling ;'( urrrhhh ! why am i still thinking about her ? now i know what friends means. i just hoping that after this i'll meet a new friends or bestfriends that will understand me. that will never back stab with me. i hope so :') but now atleast i still have a friends that know as "Mc Dono Crew" . i have yuyun , mieya , farah , suriati , teehah , amyra and the others. and i still have my boyfie that always care about me :') 
this pic i will save it for my "memory" with her ;') 

*this conversation is between my "deqchuw" and "she" .. 

emm .. i think thats all from me tonight. am i crying losing one of my friends ? YES ! but myself said " there's no use crying for the one that dont think about me at all. wasting my tears "  if i caould turn back the time , i will and hoping that we will never meet at all :'( so that i wont feel this sadness. sobsobsobb. 
what i get from this friendship is " do not be to trusting of friends " .. so people out there just be careful with your friends ..
" menyesal dahulu pendapatan , menyesal kemudian tidak berguna "


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