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7 days left !

Hey Fellas ! wow, betol tak disangka-sangka mine relationship with him hampir genap 1 years. there's 7 days left. oh time ! please be hurry .. i've been waiting for this for a long time. i just can't believe that mine relationship with him akan bertahan until today :') thanks God. even sometimes dia menebalkan but its okey. for me its nothing. memanglah sakit hati kan ? tapi i've made a promise to him walau apapun yang jadi kat us, kat hubungan us, siti akan pertahankan and that wahat happen to us yesterday. we fight and he ask me a forgiveness. heyy ! i will always forgive the one that i love most. thas is my promise and i will fulfil it. you all want to know? hubungan us pernah berakhir dulu sebab _____________ tuttttttt *biarlah rahsia. but even we use to break up , i still love him. i cry all my day thinking of him. hoping that he will miss me too and wishing that we can be together back and Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah. now , i dont want to lose him anymore! for the fourth time maybe -,- (lupa) haha. i dont wanna care about what people wanna say about us. our relationship so please dont disturb it ! hehe;) 
me and him dah janji yang us akan buka buku baru and isi kandungan is only about us :) taknak ingat dengan kenangan silam yang lalu2 . 
Ohh now i'm very serious with this relationship ! siti taknak hubungan yang kiteorang bina ni menjadi sia - sia.. insyaAllah ~ 


*goodnight fellas ;) penat tangan menaip and i want to text him now ;) 
__ Wassalamualaikum__

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