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Assalamualaikum :D 
first at all dont forget to pray for Gaza .. SAVE PALESTINE !! poor them :'(

heyy , tonight i got a lot of laugh .. and morning i got a lot of cry .. just wanna thank him cause make me laugh today :) i feel so happy being together with him .. even sometimes dia menyebalkan >< but i'ts oke .. i will try to understand him .. heyy ! tadi kann , me read our old conversation yang bertarikh 23/12/2011 (our first chatting) , then 24/12/2011 (our first couple) , 25/12/2011 (break up) and 26/12/2011 (we continue our relationship) .. we still together until now 17/11/2012 .. walaupon we often break up but because of LOVE feeling we try to continue our relationship ... kalau boleh till forever ! after i read our old conversation , i tell him about it .. siti gelak tak ingat dunia .. HAHHAHHAHAAH ! so funny lah our conversation that time .. SERIOUSLY ! hahahaha ... then he said "bie pon nak baca juak lah" hahaha .. after he read it , he post at mine timeline .. and we comment comment and comment sambil gelak2 .. HAHAHA .. orang laen tengah dok *sukk layan bola but me ? smile alone infront mine computer :D so funny xD  best tau kalau dapat putar balikkan masa .. :) tapi i know i impossible .. heeee ~~~p/s to mr sengett : Thankyou for everything .. thankyou cause always my day cheerful . terima kasih sebab tak pernah jemu layan kerenah siti yang kuat merajukkk and hot temper nii >.< terima kasih sebab memahami and macam2 lahhh .. AHAHAHA .. iloveyou ♥ so more ! thats all lah for tonight .. i wanna text him ! :) goodnight .._wassalamualaikum_

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