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♥ terima kasih hubby ♥

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :) 

 p/s : this i wrote for you my dear hubby ;)

-- first at all i just wanna say thank you for everything :) honestly i'm feel so happy with you . thankyou sebab sentiasa berusaha make me smile whole my day .. thankyou sebab sentiasa memahami .. senang cerita thankyou for everything lahh -.- haha :p tinggal 34 hari gyq kita genap 1 year ^^ ( 26.12.12) that day will be a very special day for me . and you .. it will be our first anniversary :) waaa ~~ happy nye :D i'm lucky to have you because you are so sweet ^_^  hehehehee
teringat pulak our fest conversation that day .. andai lah kita dapat ulang balit masa yarr kan ? dehh -,-' IMPOSSIBLE . haha xD yang penting skarang , we still together .. even you are not my fest love , but i hope you will be the last for me .. amiin ~ dekat 3 bulan kita sik jumpa .. buts its alright , makin kita sik jumpa makin kuat rasa rindu dalam diri .. makin timbul perasaan sayang dalam diri .. yang penting TRUST EACH OTHER .. i'll trust you dengan sepenuh hati .. and you pon always said " i trust you " THANKYOU ! :D me sikkan sia siakan kepercayaan yarr .. PROMISE ! mark my words . hewheww .. 

You mean everything in my life

and you make my life perfect every single day

You inspire me in everything

You're making me smile everyday

when I receive your text message

But sometimes you being like a jerk

I admit that. But it's cute. hehe

I think about you

in every minute, second and hour.
                                                     ♥ " I love You" ♥ 


  26/12/11 - till now ! :)  

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