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Assalamualikum w.b.t 
and salam MAAL HIJRAH buat muslimin dan muslimat :D

based on my topic up there .. PHOTOGRAPHY .. heyy , that is my only dream ! i want to be a photographer .. i want to have my own DSLR .. huhu . can't i ? it just a dream .. impossible :| hope oneday my wishlist become true .. AMIN AMIN AMIN ... ;)
jum tengok images yang siti berkenan sangat time search GOOGLES tadi :D

 cantekk kann ?? i wish i could go there .. PARIS

 NICE  right ?

 canon please !! 

 beautiful ! ciptaan Allah :')

 Nikon !


haaaa ~ siti sempat jadi photographer sekejap jerr time kat brunei .. my cuzzie wedding .. :D

and this is me ! waktu baru sampai brunei oke trus snap2 . HAHA xD 

okelah . thats all for today .. thankyou for follow and singgah :D salam maal hijrah again .. hope this year will be much better than before :D thanks Allah always .. Syukran Ya Rabb :')


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