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smile :)

Assalamualaikum dunia :)

tonight i feel so HAPPY because CAPITAL D replying my inbox .. walaupun sekejap jaa chat . but he make me smile once again :) thankyou capital D . mula-mula rasa takut nak CHAT sebab takut dia tak layan .. then when i see (messages 1) , i trus smile and hoping the he is the one that inbox and when i open it , yupps ! its him :) but salah saya juga sebab lambat sangat inbox dia . waktu saya inbox tu dia dah mengantuk :( 
hahahaha .. tak pee lahhh . :D Layanan dia dah cukup menggembirakan saya :D 

p/s capital D : i dont mind if i have to wait you for a thousand years . janji i can be yours .. if i'll be with you , i will feel that i'm the LUCKY girl ever .. i adore you . IWANTTOBEYOURSPECIALONE ! 

thats all for today . mau sleep sudaa :) GOODNIGHT capital D . 

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