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Assalamualaikum :)
hey fellas . i wanna share something means to me . i fall in love with someone . i've tell him the truth and i got his phone num :D i was so happy that time . dia tak sombong . thats time i was so ashamed ^^ .. malu yang teramat because that is the first time ever saya luah perasaan kat lelaki yang saya lama suka xD .. tapi dia cakap takpa . dia layan inbox saya malam tu .. start that night , i just thinking about him . i want to be his special one :) but i know its impossible :(  we're in diffrent races . i'm not preety to have him :( 
one night , i feel i've done wrong against him . i text him but he didnt reply at all .. so sad -.-, than i feel i've make him feel uncomfortable dengan kehadiran saya . so start that day i dont want to disturb him anymore .. i dont text him , inbox him and also reply his poke at facebook .. i no longer like his status and everything .. but i will always stalk his profile .. sometimes my tears falling from my eyes hoping that oneday he'll be mine :'( 

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